Caravan and tent lots

Big lots with power supply, enclosed with hedges, for caravans and tents. Please write about it is a tent or a caravan you wish to book.

We are cooperating with Dansk Camping Union, so you can obtain 15% discount for tents and caravans outside the high season.


* = per day

Campingvogn, Autocamper eller telt pladsDøgn
Voksne75 DKK
Børn u. 12 år45 DKK
Hund20 DKK
Pladsgebyr35 DKK
El35 DKK

Location of the lots

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Other accomodations

Cabin – cat. 1

9 square meter cabin suitable for 4 people. No water, but very affordable.

Cabin – cat. 4

15 square meter cabin suitable for up to 5 people.

Cabin – cat. 4

24 square meter caravan for up to 6 persons with toilet and much more.

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