Welcome to Læsø Camping - the campgrounds on Læsø

Læsø Camping & Hytteby is a small, charming and cosy camping site, where the overall ambience is always good and pleasant. The camping site consists of both older and newly erect cabins. The camping site is located 1,5 km from Vesterø Havn and the best beach on Læsø. The perfect place for school`overnight outings.

Our accomodations

Cabin – cat. 4

24 square meter caravan for up to 6 persons with toilet and much more.

Caravan and tent lots

Lots with power supply, enclosed with hedges, for caravans and tents.


Quality caravan suitable for 4 people and with lots of ammenities

Cabin – cat. 1

9 square meter cabin suitable for 4 people. No water, but very affordable.

Cabin – cat. 4

15 square meter cabin suitable for up to 5 people.

Cabin – cat. 5A

23 square meter luxury cabin suitable for 6 people. With luxury features.

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